Friday, February 21, 2014

Dress Up

For a couple of weeks, EK's new thing has been a toddler variety of dress up! She bring me a vest or one of her coats (or usually both) and wears them around the house. 
Add a twirly skirt and a head band and voila! Dress up!
And it's not a 20-30 minute thing, she wears this all day and night until I have to take them off for nap or bed. 
Sometimes her layers are so thick that it's hard for her to bend over and move well!! :) I just love this new development and watching her grow! Being a girl mom is the best.

Eleanor's Fashion Tip:
Take any base (pajamas, leggings, jeans)
Add a fur coat (preferably the leopard one)
Throw on a vest 
Toss a twirly skirt on to dance to while the hot dog song is on
Plus a headband or hat
And Presto! Toddler diva fashion is born!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our little sweetheart!!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Last weekend Kap spent the night and we had to run to Joanne's to pick up some fabric for a bench that I'm covering.
We found this flannel fox material and decided to make matching pajama shorts for her and EK.
I hadn't even touched my machine since before Christmas so when Eleanor went down for a nap, we got to cutting.

After getting them sewn together I had both of them try on before I hemmed and put elastic in... and they were both too small. Neither one could barely fit them over their thighs. Whaaaat. 
So bummed.
I don't know if it's because I haven't worked with flannel before or I'm just that out of practice, but we are going to have to try again!

On Monday I gathered up some scraps and made this E pillow for Ellie to go with her owl pillow. 
She and Jase helped me by getting stuffing out of the basket and putting it on the floor for me to go around and pick up.
Oh to have such good helpers. ;)

Now I have a K pillow started for Kap and a new knot dress for Ellie started.
It feels good to be making something again.

Friday, January 31, 2014

best friends.

how sweet are these best friends.

we have spent the morning dancing to the Mickey Mouse hot dog song,
eating scrambled eggs and banging on pots and pans.

we pulled out some hats and paraded up and down the hall.
Eleanor also decided on a fur coat and puffy vest over her leopard pajamas.
such a fashionista.

i love seeing these two playing together.
there are fights, and hitting and tattle-telling {eleanor}
but there are also kisses and tunnel races and throwing stuffed animals out of the crib.

some days i think i will pull my hair out if i have to tell them to stay out of the trash, stop climbing on the couch {side table, chairs, laundry baskets, tubs, insert anything they can climb on} or to give this back to him or her.
but i also stop and realize how lucky i am to get to stay home with them.
they aren't with a stranger every day or mixed in a class with a bunch of other kids.
they are here, safe and we have fun every day.

it also doesn't hurt that we are coming into a really fun age.
they are repeating lots of words and animal sounds and finding body parts.
they make me laugh constantly.
it's so fun to watch their little personalities really starting to shine.

Monday, January 20, 2014

15 months

15 months!
Size 4 Diapers
18-24 months in Clothing
23 pounds

You say 'Caw Caaaw' when someone asks what the bird says. I don't know why we chose this instead of a chirp or tweet lol, I blame it on your dad. But it's pretty darn funny to hear. And last night Grandma said, Eleanor you are such a little bird and she immediately let out a caaaaw caaw!!

You know quack quack for a duck and of course ssssss for a snake.

ALL dogs are "cutty" and apparently they are always barking so he is always, "Hush Cutty." We've been watching Dogs 101 on the weekends and your mind is blown from the amount of Cuttys on tv.

You say Oh moooom or mommm-meee in such a sing song voice. We can thank TT for that one.

Bedtime has been a challenge. We lay you down, you cry. We wait a while, go in & comfort you, then about 10 minutes later you cry again. It's an exhausting 30-45 minute ordeal. There were about 3 days in a row that I was having to go in around 3am and comfort you again. I am tweaking naptime a little so maybe we can start getting back into our normal routine!

If I'm in a different room from you and you want to find me, you shout out Maaaaaaa. It's a hilarious cross between a goat bleating and a New Jersey housewife accent. I die everytime.

You are still a great eater. Your favorites from this month have been lasagna (hands down), a mini cupcake Grandma brought you, oatmeal and sharing a bowl of cereal with Dad at night.

A climbing phase is on us. You can climb on the couch if the recliner is left up. Climb up on the brown chair. Climb up onto the end table and use it as a stepping stone to get onto the couch. I have about 15 mini heart attacks a day. But the funnier thing is, you don't always remember how to get down. So you will hold your hands out to me and if I walk on by, you will just wait until I come back through and try again.

Got your first real pop on the (diapered) hiney. I get soooo tired of hearing the constant screech/scream/shrill after every.little.thing. I told you if you did it again, I was going to spank you and you balled up those little fists and did it again, so I tapped you right on the bottom. Your eyes got as big as saucers and you started quivering that little lip. I had to turn around just to not laugh where you could see me.

HI KYLA. Your dad taught you this. It's hilarious (for now). Hi kyyuh.  You also say Hi TT and of course Hi Jase.

You know 'hot'. When you see Dad's coffee cup or my hair straightener or any stove/microwave you tell us hot. It doesn't really stop you from trying to get any of these things but you still recognize the word.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Everyday 2014

I was inspired by a few other blogs to better document our everyday! 1 picture from our day, everyday. I'll post once a week and I'm already 10 days late, haha!

Jan. 1
Ellie's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese, burgers with Dad & Oma, and precious time as a family to start off our new year.

Jan. 2
Eleanor is slowly taking over the living room.

Jan 3.
Climbing Phase. Oh my goodness. This is after I went to put some laundry away, came back to find her on the couch with the tablet. 

Jan. 4- Walking into Kapriel's basketball game like a big girl. Also gave quite the halftime performance, in the middle of the court, complete with twirling, blowing kisses and stealing the players water bottles.

Jan 5.
Playtime in our room with Howard
Jan 8
Sitting in the front seat, having a doughnut while we waited on Grandma to get home. 

Jan 9.
We got up and dressed and out the door for story time just to find out the library was closed. Chick Fil A breakfast and play area saved us!

Jan. 10
Jase's first day back with us in over 2 weeks. I think these two missed each other!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Eleanor's Spring Wish List

I was just sitting here browsing Old Navy, waiting on Eleanor to wake up from a {really late} nap.
When I got to her size, I got so excited I started screen capturing everything and sending it to my mom & sister,
it's no secret Eleanor isn't lacking in the clothing department.

So, thought I would save the pictures and maybe we can pick up a few pieces for the spring.
Although it's kind of hard to think about warmer weather with the snow on the ground outside. ;)
That gingham dress. I die.
And the sweet textured cardigan, sigh.

So cute.